Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lucky Lunch Lope

We managed to get back in from the lunch run just before the rains came - and they certainly did come. For a few minutes it ripped it down and I'm so glad we weren't out in it. The run itself was pretty good. With conditions hot but windy we were set for a pleasant one.

I intended to take it steady. My left calf was still a little tight but everything else seemed in good working order. Once we got going I actually seemed to go quite well. The wind was a bit challenging in places but I was running well within myself and the calf was holding up.

The hill climb went well. I did't go all out. Just stuck in low gear and chugged away up and over the top. 17 minutes. None too shabby. I then took it steady on the slightly bone crunching descent and oddly for once Martin wasn't too far ahead. He wasn't catchable but he was well in sight for once.

I finished in 31:10. A pretty descent time and within a minute of my best (I think). Boy was I hot though. After a quick warm down it was shower and back to the grindstone. Then five minutes out from the shower came that horrible re-sweat phase - nasty, really flippin' nasty.

Finished off the days training with an hour on the bike and then it was time for a well deserved chill out on the sofa - even extracted the bed section for the full lazy bastard effect - ahh, bliss...

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