Monday, June 06, 2011

Following Through The Threat

Yes, I really did manage to get my butt out for a run after work. Got to stick to the work out plan. I'm into the final critical stages of training now. No, not for the Traverse, although that remains high priority. No, this training is towards a far more important goal - the Butlins Six-Pack. Only 18 days to go! Beep beep.

I ran up to May Hill along the road and back across the fields. Oh what magnificent views in the glorious early evening sunshine. Although there was a bit of a school boy error. Deep in thought. Cogitating other matters. I went the wrong way off the top from what I had intended and ended up half a mile short - only clocking 5.5 miles but in an acceptable forty minutes - well, it is hilly. Still, I've made amends with an extra fifteen minutes on the bike. Just the abs to crunch and I'm all done for the day.

Bring on tomorrow and another step towards a honed BSP...

Today's run:-

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