Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What A Long Day

and there weren't no training.

I finally got home just gone half ten and until then I hadn't stopped. Work was good - got a good amount of 'stuff' cleared off the desk. Then nine and a half hours after I started I left - but not for home. No, tonight was the Bridge Inn 5k - and I wasn't even able to run. I was official recorder for the night. With Bristol & Wests normal computerists away I stepped into the void - and boy, what a night for it. I was flat out till about nine pm. There was no way I had time to run as well - just as well there's the Tintern Trot on Thursday.

Tonight saw the biggest field the Bridge Inn 5k has ever hosted - and by one hell of a margin. With 205 finishers we are talking 60+ more runners than have ever assembled before for the ever increasingly popular race. To say I was zonked by the end was an understatement. It was full on, flat out hard work typing in all the runners details followed by their positions and times.

Hoping to have a more restful day tomorrow - and perhaps manage some training. I don't mind helping out once and a while though. Just glad it all went OK. Pretty sure there won't be many errors - other than a few spelling mistakes...

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