Thursday, June 09, 2011

Off Topic Tonight

The state of UK politics deplores me. Things go wrong, sure. They always have. They always will. Accidents happen and sometimes so does negligence, mis-management and even criminality. Lessons need to be learnt when things go wrong. However, these days the politicians seem to think calling for an ‘Inquest’ is some kind of magic fix or, far more worryingly, a way of scoring points - all at the tax payers expense. It’s got so bad, the other day, Ed Miliband called for an inquest after someone let one go in the lift. Lessons need to be learnt when things go wrong but do we really need to be throwing tax payers millions at the already rich lawyer and barrister elite? I don’t think so. I think I heard calls for about five inquests today - FFS! And anyway most inquests result in stating the bloody obvious. Coming to conclusions most of us could come to after an hours discussion. These ‘inquests’ take months, cost the tax payer millions, make the rich elite even richer and ultimately achieve very little. Not right. Not right at all.

Well this was a cheery one tonight - and that's after a decent enough day! Better out than in...

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