Friday, June 10, 2011

Easing Up Ahead Of Stage 14

I'm looking forward to Sunday's relay leg in the Welsh Castles race. Not hugely keen on the sub-seven alarm call I need to set in order to get across there - it is the weekend after all but needs must. I've been looking over the route of stage 14. It's only eleven miles but the hill at the end scares me a little. Although I've been running up a lot of hills these last six months none of them have been run particularly quickly. So in order to maximise my chances - and I do feel I'll have a descent run - I took things easy on the work-out front tonight. Am I taking it too seriously? Don't be silly, can't let down team Chepstow.

Also - and this is sad, really bloody sad - I'm quite looking forward to another session in the kitchen tomorrow - cooking, a session of cookery. Been to the shops. Got all the ingredients. All set to Jambalaya my Creoles - ooh er misses.

Bring on Drovers...

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