Friday, June 03, 2011

I Swallowed A Fly

Hope I don't die - which is a possibility. Under normal conditions swallowing a fly isn't too much of a worry. You cough and splutter a little but that's pretty much the worst of it. What concerns me a little is when you run past a steaming turd, disturb a swarm of the buggers feeding on said turd - and then you swallow a fly... I'm not feeling so good...

Anyway, after an afternoon debugging some software I got out for a run in the early evening sunshine. The view from May Hill was stunning. You could see right across to the Welsh mountains - arse, don't remind me of those bastards. The distinct shape of Sugar Loaf prominent on the skyline. Superb.

It was another good effort on my part. I wanted to push things on a bit more from Monday. Only seven miles but the route took in May Hill, as mentioned previously, Bright's Hill and Huntley Hill and I ran fairly strongly up all three. Took me a solid 56 minutes. Now that's not hugely quick but then there was 1,350 feet of ascent. That's not far off a category A fell race and certainly well over that required for a category B! And wowzers, am I ever boiling now. Sure was a hot one.

Off to the Brecon Beacons tomorrow for a medium run. Perhaps fifteen give or take. Just need to decide upon the route.

Today's Run:-

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