Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yes folks, it was a personal best turn out - nine!!! Jerry The Man Metronome was there, as was the Masters Maestro Dan and six of the young pretenders - including the return of the Nick. Great to see him.

So, what were we all doing tonight? On such a cold and frosty night, what the hell were we doing there!!! Seriously though, Sean, Nick and I ran five 800's with 2:30 recovery while the rest ran a session of four 400's, four 300's and four 200's with a strict - and knowing Jerry - short recovery.

I ran 2:44/45's nice and consistently in cold, frosty conditions. The cold prevented me from running too quickly but I was even paced throughout and 2:45 is plenty fast enough really. I felt good and strong and maybe should have gone a tad quicker but it was a good session even so.

Need to get down the gym tomorrow - I see a session on the bike - blimey, I'm turning into Mystic Meg - I guess that means I won't be doing a session on the bike after all...

Thought for the day: Friendship is like a prism through which the many variations of beauty are revealed in our lives.

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