Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little tired

I am a tad tired after an unwanted early start but at least I finally resolved an issue at work that's been getting on my t........ nerves. Too tired, in fact, to train I've just been lounging around the house, catching up on Neighbours - damn, must keep my gob shut.

Then, of course, there was the curious incident of the broken lock in the day time - a story, alas, for another time...

Anyway, I'm tapering ahead of the Quantocks race. Yesterday's track session, although pleasing caused my left calf to tighten right up but after some severe and some might say, painful - that is to say, down right agonisational - I think I made that word up - massage, it's actually pretty bloody good today - I didn't expect that, I really didn't. In fact, I can't believe how good it feels today. As they say in the trade, magic hands make light work - oops, I mean - no pain, no gain...

Thought for the day: When French speakers swear, do they say "Excuse my English?

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