Sunday, February 24, 2008

I missed the start...

... by 24 frickin' hours. Yes, the main events page on the WFRA website said the race was today but the details bit (which I didn't bother to look at) said it was yesterday - and since there was no one else there I guess it's safe to assume the detail page had it right - bugger. I don't blame them though. To be fair, it does say please check with the organiser. Pretty funny really, but I really felt like I was going to have a good one so it feels like a wasted opportunity. Looking on the bright side, I'll save it all for next week's South Wales Winter Series race, Llanthony.

Anyway, since I'd gone all that way I headed off on a training run instead. I fully intended to follow the route from memory and set off pretty much on race pace. Got about halfway and the old memory not being what it once was, I wandered off piste. After a nice long run and a visit to Crowcombe - very nice little village, highly recommend a visit by the way - no I don't, what am I talking about? I finally reappeared in the vicinity of the car park and my car about an hour and 45 minutes later having covered somewhere in the region of 13 miles and 3,000ft (mapped it once I got home).

So, there it is, a monumental cock up but in the end the longish training run was satisfactory and pretty pacey really, considering the ascent involved. And if I'm honest I would have taken the visit to the Nationals and training over racing solo yesterday - I had a much better weekend this way round. [winks to camera]

Thought for the day: If a person does their best, what else is there?

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