Monday, February 04, 2008

Long, tiring day...

... at work. I really wanted to get out and do some training tonight. My legs felt OK first thing but after standing all day at work my legs are feeling sore right now. On top of that I had to brave the supermarket at busy time - I survived - and so did the other shoppers. On top of on top of that I feel completely knackered.

So apart from the disappointment of a long day at work that I didn't really want, a trip to the supermarket and no training because I'm too tired and my legs wouldn't have coped, it's been a great day. On the plus side, my careful, law abiding driving on the weekend saw me clock up a fuel consumption of 8.44 miles/litre - and in case your wondering, that's bloody great for my old banger, normally it doesn't even make 8 - result (but still rubbish).

Anyway, I desperately want some training tomorrow. I'm not sure what I will manage to fit in but I must do something.

Thought for the day: Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens

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Anonymous said...

we missed you last night. Rob managed to find his way to the water tower on the Downs and with ever reliable Sean we ran 4x reps from the traffic lights to the slip road. . . not together, although I did get close to Rob on the last rep.

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