Sunday, February 17, 2008

FOD off

What a bloody great day!! The sun shone, the birds sang, the frost - well, it just kind of sat there really, being cold - and I came 3rd in the 15.4k Forest of Dean Trail Race. My third podium finish. Ooh yeah, baby - he shoots, he scores.

I was in ninth place in the first 500m and then once we hit the start of the incline I just picked my way through to third. By the end of the first lap I was on my own in third and 10s inside my time from the last race. I decided to make my position safe and piled on the power up the hill. By the end of the second lap, third was guaranteed and I have to admit to feeling a little tired. I stayed focused - with the help of my supporter - to come home 13s quicker than last time - guess that answers the question as to whether I'm improving, holding position or going backwards!

Well done to Kate Goodhead for 1st place in the 10.4k race - and I really mean 1st. She reeled in the male leader in the last stages of the race to finish first outright - superb result.

Finally, well done to Sylvia Crump (Graham's other - and some say - better half) for taking third place in the Senior Women's 5.4k race.

Did I say before - what a bloody great day!!!

Thought for the day: What's another word for thesaurus?

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