Thursday, February 07, 2008

Badgered by a badger

I practically screamed like a girl on my run this evening - for sure as night follows day I managed to get myself out for a run. I went up over Dundry - the first time for a long time - and it was good. I started off steady and got up the main, steep, lung busting hill as quick as I ever do - if not even a fraction quicker. It was into a stiff breeze across the top and I took it steady. Then on the steep downhill section I had to take it easy as even with the illumination from my head lamp I could see naff all.

Right, back to the screaming like a girl. It was at this point that the local neighbourhood badger decided to jump out in front of me. Now, without being too crude, I almost shat myself - OK, being crude, I almost shat myself. Those bad boys are biiigggggg and with a fair lick of speed. I couldn't keep up!

Anyway, after I had recovered from the fright I picked up the pace. As is the sadness with me, my thoughts drifted off into the outer reaches of my slightly warped mind and before long I was bombing. I got into chase mode, imagining I was chasing down a runner far ahead - I told you I wasn't all there. I covered those last four or five kilometres like lightning to finish in about as quick a time as I ever have on that 12k loop - 13s outside 50 minutes. It's strange but it feels alot different in the dark and I stumbled a few times here and there which has to account for a few seconds. I don't believe it's possible to run as quick in the dark as it is in the light so all in all it was a thoroughly bloody good run this evening. A rest day me thinks for tomorrow ahead of the Darren on Saturday followed by the Dursley Dozen on Sunday...

Thought for the day: There are some defeats more triumphant than victories.

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