Monday, November 01, 2010

All By Myself

I did hill reps all by myself. It was hard to be sure, but I think I did four. All by myself.

My first proper hill session for an awful long time, and even then I've probably only managed less than half a dozen in three years. And what a shit night for it. It drizzled the whole time. I had a good commute - always a bonus - kitted up and headed straight out into the dark - lest I get cold feet. Head torch lights. Camera. Action.

I jogged over to Flaxley Wood and then ran four reps up the steep bit in a consistent time of just over three minutes per rep. Running in the dark is quite helpful on hill reps - you can't see how much further you have to go till you reach the top - but having said that, you can't see how much further you have to go when you legs and lungs are fit to burst... and then you reach the top. Then relax as you jog back down to start the next. I always use the 'recovery equal to the rep' method but in tonight's case the three minutes down seemed a damn sight quicker than the three minutes up - damn, Einstein and his time dilation. The four complete - I know, four, how pathetic is that? but I've got to start somewhere and if I try too many too quick I'm likely to fail. Anyway, the four complete I jogged home...

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