Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Here's A First

I'm going to post in advance of actually getting off my big fat arse. Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to burn the calories on the bike. It was a long one at work - nine and a quarter hours - but a successful nine and a quarter hours. Successful, that is, provided the work we did doesn't shut the treatment works down during the night. That would probably take off some of the shine. Fingers crossed. Despite the long day and leaving the office at five thirty, the drive home wasn't too bad. Only taking an extra five minutes over the norm.

This evening, my legs are feeling the effects from Saturday's race, the bike on Sunday and the hill reps yesterday hence the hour bike session taking place in T minus 30 minutes - well, I'm giving myself a few moments to relax before I hit it...

[and for the record my arse is not big and I finally have my six pack, last seen circa 2006, well and truly back, and more defined than ever - move over Peter Andre]

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