Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mistletoe And Wine

'cept I replaced the mistletoe with chips. Chips and wine, much better. Shan't be needing any of that shitty mistletoe stuff any more.

Today's been a good training day. Shitty on other fronts though.

The lunch run took place a little late but we got out there. Anti-clockwise today - the more difficult direction to my mind - and I managed to get round just 2 seconds slower than last week's clockwise effort, 30:32. A direction best by a long way. Considering I've not run for eight days I'm pleased with that. Martin was out of sight - back to normal then.

Not content with that, tonight I pedalled my way to 30 minutes on the bike. Anger drives me to train like a bastard. I'm not there yet but I'm going to break records in the coming year. If music be the food of love then shut the f^*k up. If, however, anger be the food of speed then lay me out a f^*kin huge portion - oh er misses.

Elan Valley prepare to get your ass well and truly kicked on Saturday...

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