Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where Is Mr Motivator When You Need Him?

Good run yesterday. Knackered legs today. I was thinking of a run but I just lacked the motivation. I know I should have run and I've been in severe danger of doing sod all but I mustered for 75 minutes on the bike. Not a replacement for running but something at least.

On the upside I set up the gym in the guest wing - all right, the ground floor spare room, but I like to call it the guest wing! To be fair an exercise bike infront of a TV is a few pence short of the full pound in gym terms. I'm thinking of getting a bench and a few other bits but I don't won't to clog it up with too much stuff that I'll end up never using.

I shall attempt a hill session tomorrow - but don't hold your breath.

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