Monday, November 22, 2010

Off Colour

I felt a bit off colour this morning - in an ill sort of way, not the more normal of late misery way. By mid morning I was feeling better and cracked on with worky stuff.

Still a bit 'Bob Fleming' this evening, I elected to stay in the warm and dry and climbed aboard the good ship reebok for an hour on the bike. Catching up on the days news, as you do, the hour soon passed by and time now to relax and chill before it all starts over again tomorrow.

Other things of note today, I received my first payment of rent as a landlord - whoo hoo. Finally the finances are starting to settle down, a weight off my mind. And to top that I did indeed make the top twenty in Saturday's Elan Valley 10 Miler - I was, wait for it, wait for it, can you guess where this is going? I think you can. Yes, I finished in twentieth place from a field of 194. That, in my book, is one of my best results this year. Top 10% give or take - and lets face it, it's a tiny bit of take, I cannot lie. Sod that - Result. Bit by bit I am inching my finishing positions towards the top. Never going to actually get to the top, mind, but my ever improving form is at least something to look forward to.

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