Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Ninety Is Done

and all I feel like doing is going to bed. Nout else to do. Been an upsetting, angry day. I'm not angry at anyone else, just me. The way I threw it all away. If only I was a better man. At least I've learnt a valuable life lesson; 'It's better not to love at all than love and lose it'. Shan't be making that mistake again. Just me and the pussies from now on. At least the bike calmed my anger and it was a full ninety at level ten.

I've decided to go run the Elan Valley 10 miler on Saturday. It's a bit of a way to go for a shitty road race but it's a Cheppers Champ race and I could do with trying to gain some valuable points and the anger might just help fire me around the course in a quick time. And I should add, today's planned lunch run is re-booked for tomorrow as I was caught away from the office.

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