Monday, November 29, 2010

All Done

With the weekend shop missed I called in at my local 'nectar points' collection centre - if you know what I mean - to, well, collect some points - not to mention shopping. Sadly they don't just let you collect it, you have to do that thing they call 'paying' - don't like it.

All of which leads me, in a round about way, to getting to the fact that I was home later than normal and with the temperature back sub zero meant I was on my bike again. Eighty minutes tonight, an odd number, I'll agree, but better than sixty.

Hope this cold weather f$@%s off soon 'cause I gert hates it. Fingers crossed we get the lunch run in again this week - might be my only run if things persist as they are on the cold front - see what I did there? Ping ping, that's the oven. Time for dinner...

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