Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cold, So Very Cold

For once, when all around is getting snow, we - that's the royal we of us foresters - did get much at all but by god is it cold. I completely failed to get out for a run yesterday. It felt a little too cold for me - squeak, squeak. I did an hour on the bike, level 10, instead.

Anyway, having failed in my duty to train like a bastard I made sure I got out there today. I was 50/50 on racing the Blorenge as it's a shit race - no disrespect if you like it but I don't. In the end I chose a long training run instead and ran the Longhope Loop with the road variations - on account of it being 'a bit boggy' underfoot.

In all I covered just over twelve hilly miles in an hour and forty five. Admittedly that's not very quick but I managed to run the entire route, not stopping on any of the 2,200 feet of ascent - and I haven't done that for a while. There are one or two sharp bits and my form over the last year has seen me incapable of doing so. That in itself is pleasing because although the last two weeks have seen a drop in mileage I've kept things going on the bike and it's proving to be a worthy stand-in.

And finally my hands have warmed up and the pain has gone...

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