Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Know That Bloody Taste You Get At The Back Of Your Throat?

Oh you do, do you? Yeah, join the club. Managed the lunch run with Martin - bit chilly around the Urals. Decent run but this cold isn't helping much. Ten minutes in I was struggling. I could taste that bloody thing in my throat and had to steady the ship. Martin was miles ahead.

Surprisingly I was over the top only 15s down on last time - clockwise today by the way. I didn't do much running on the run in and finished just inside 31 minutes - 25s down on last time but not bad considering the status for my nasal passageways.

Pleased to have run, I just hope this damned cold clears up. It's the Blorenge race on Saturday and I want to beat last year's time.

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