Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day Six

But unlike the lord, I have no intention of resting on the seventh. I shall be using my Jedi mind trick, used so successfully on Monday's drive home, to get me back out there tomorrow night. It's going to be dark. It's probably going to rain and the tracks and trails will no doubt be thick with boggy mud but I know the woods of Flaxley will welcome me in.

Tonight, the drive home was respectable. I left a little late - 16:20 - but the traffic was still pretty good - bargain. On arrival home and after a quick munch on treacle biscuit - fnah - I was straight onto the exercise bike. I got all my emailing and rss'ing out the way while on the pedal before pizza and chips - yum, yum, tum, in my tum - well, I've got to keep the calorie intake up.

The rest of the evening is my own. Feet up and kicking back...

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