Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Going For Seven Straight

Days of training. I don't think I can remember the last time I trained seven days in a row. True, it's won't be all running but it's still going to be seven cardio days in a row - if I make it. The crunch day is definitely going to be Friday. The end of the working week. Can I possibly force myself out for a run after work? That is the big one. The fifty pence question. But hang on, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm only up to five so far. Today's was the lunch time run with Martin and we went up over the top - Dundry style.

It didn't feel very good out there in truth. Conditions were good but I didn't seem to be able to go very fast. We ran anti-clockwise meaning we get the hill in one great chunk and I struggled. I forced myself to keep on chugging and made it over the top but the descent was pitiful and it felt like I was jogging back in, I was so slow. Imagine my surprise to find that it wasn't actually that slow. In fact it was more towards the fast end of the spectrum than the tail. A big surprise. As always, Martin thrashed me out of sight.

Tomorrow it's going to be a bike session so I'm fairly confident I'll manage that. It all rests on Friday....... and then maybe an eighth and a ninth?

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