Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well It Had To End Sometime

A bit of a leak has put paid to the thirteenth - not unsurprising I suppose, unlucky for some. Damn this weather. Damn it to hell. I've my tenants moving in tomorrow so it was a bit of an emergency. I had to bunk work to fix and then head back to work again. That meant I was away late and we're talking long gone six. With the schedule shot. I gave in to the power of the sofa - it is, I believe, a force from above and perhaps, capable of cleaning my soul. But then again, maybe not.

The weekend is going to be total annihilation. The Butlins weekend. I am so going to let my hair down so I decided I might as well start now - how much fitness can I lose in four days? How much weight can I gain? - don't answer that. I'm gonna burn baby burn...

Still, twelve straight days of training including my fastest Dundry loop ever can't be all bad. I'm going to kick ass in the Elan Valley 10miler. Bring that on.

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