Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It Went As Expected

A session on the bike - no surprises there then. The lunch run is booked for tomorrow [crosses fingers and hopes the weather isn't total pants - I'll settle for mildly pants after today's torrent].

Another hour clocked up but I did crank it up a notch tonight with two ten minute higher resistance sections. Felt like it was doing me good.

Managed to avoid most of the bad traffic that seemed to be doing the rounds on the M5 this evening. People really don't seem to be able to handle wet conditions. Perhaps it should form part of the test? And since I lost a bit of time on the drive home I decided to lose a bit more and called in to Sainsbury's to get a few supplies for the weekend - the Butlins weekend. Not sure I've mentioned it before but I'm off to Butlins for a completely sober weekend [turns face from camera and pisses himself with laughter]. And as my Nepalese Guru would say, 'If you can remember the weekend you just 'aint tried hard enough...'

I think I missing something - Oh, yeah, that's the eleventh consecutive day clocked.

ps whoop, whoop

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