Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not So Easy Dozen It

Twelve straight days of training and today's corker came out of nowhere. The lunch run happened - Martin and I seem somehow more committed these days. I think we've managed to get out four weeks in five - a pb for sure.

No beating around the bush - ooh er, misses - because I'm well pleased and I really don't know where the hell it came from but today's run on the Dundry loop was my quickest ever. I've checked through my annals - don't want to miss spell that one - to confirm it. I was faster today than even in my prime of 2007. I can't believe it (it has nothing to do with butter).

I was over the top in 15:45. To give that some meaning, last time we ran today's clockwise loop I was there in 16:45. Crossed the line in 30:30 - Martin still whooped my but for the first time in weeks and weeks he was well in sight at the finish. In fact from the top I actually closed him down a little. Truth was I was never going to catch him but it didn't half give me heart to keep him firmly target locked. He just scrapped inside thirty minutes again. He is flying at the moment.

The odd thing about the run, and I guess it was because Martin was beating me by quite a bit, was that I felt I was struggling and going slow - until I got to the top, that is, when I realised that was an optical illusion.

The hard work - and to be fair, I've not really started into any sort of quality yet, it's all quantity and still not enough actual running - is starting to pay off. I'm beginning to feel I really can get back to where I was. I don't think I'm too old and I honestly feel I can go quicker than I've gone before. Not over the short stuff - my days of 5k's are behind me - but long? Long is where it's going to be at and I reckon I can top my times from before...

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