Sunday, November 07, 2010


I can almost smell double figures - nope, my mistake, I think I've stepped in something.

Day nine of 'The Return' is complete. I met up with Rick and Tim at Ashton Court for a pleasant run through Leigh Woods. Sean was supposed to run as well but he didn't get up in time - I'm suspecting he partied a little too hard last night, excellent! That's no excuse though. I had a nice skinful myself round at my bruv's fireworks party but I made it over to 'The Court' as it is not known. It was a good night. But back to today. We ran for an hour at a fairly easy pace - for Tim it was practically a walk. My legs were feeling a little tight but not overly so. It was good to be back there. Maybe next time out, Sean will put in an appearance.

The run - and the good company - has sown some more training seeds for me. They train Monday evenings just after six and I reckon, with a little planning, I can work the old 'late start' routine and head there straight from work. It's an idea - but maybe I'll give it a miss tomorrow as I'm not sure how good the legs are going to be.

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