Friday, November 05, 2010

The Stuff Of Legend

A good day at work. Busy all day but didn't have much to show for it at the end but honest guv, I was at it solid. As to the legend... we had a cable failure - that's the royal 'we' of the water board - and after much faffing in the morning I was able to use a combination of Google Satellite maps and our internal mapping to guide the engineer on the ground right to the spot. As I told him to move back three metres from the lamp post past the fir trees, turn right and look over the hedge, there it was, the cable break. The legend grows...

I have a confession tonight. The promised run did not happen. After a damp, dreary drive home I could not face starting out in the rain. The dark and rain provided no enticement. I don't mind getting wet on a run but I really struggle to actually start one while it's actually raining - call me a wimp (but not to my face, please). Fear not though - well, maybe just a little.  I atoned with an extended bike session - 90 minutes - while I answered my emails and reconciled the bank account - yawn - in the dry. My legs are slightly jellified. Good session though, and seventh straight day of exercise.

Tomorrow I need to go long and I'm hoping to get a break in the rain to go get out there. I'm thinking of driving to the heart of the forest for a run in all its autumnal glory.

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