Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day Eight

Yes, my eighth straight day of training and even though I say so myself, today's was a cracker. I let nothing interfere or put me off the plan. Come the hour I got in the car. Drove to Speech House, in the heart of the forest, and got out there running. It was a lovely day for it - apart from the drizzle. Cool but not cold. Ideal for a long one - ooh, no misses.

I set off steady and meandered southwards heading towards Mallards pike, following parts of the half marathon route at times. It felt easy. It certainly didn't feel fast.

From Mallards I headed back north and west to pick up half route again for a few k's before deviating away. After crossing the Speech House road I picked up the pace. Not intentionally mind, but I espied a couple of runners ahead and couldn't help myself. Then after I'd eaten them up and spat them out I spotted some cyclists of whom I had to just go out pace. I was really starting feel the speed. The section from fifteen to nineteen kilometres was great. It almost felt like the old me.

After letting the cyclists eat my dust I eased it back down on the run in. I'm feeling rather pleased. Overall, the time wasn't quick. I was round the 13.5 miles and 1,500 feet of ascent in 1 hour and 42 minutes. But that's much better than of late and it didn't hurt at all - even on the quick bit. There's much more simmering away in the pot. I plan to gently increase the heat over the winter.

Anyway, after all that, I've even got my ninth straight day planned - the old 10am run with my old muckers, the Ashton Court Crew...

Today's thirteen and a half mile route through the heart of the forest:-

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