Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've Become Me A Monster

It was a bad day yesterday - had a few of those recently. Shouldn't let things boil over but sometimes they do and yesterday they did. Regrets, I've had a few, but then again yesterday's rant was one of them to mention. Lest I become a full on monster, my Mr Hyde will be kept at bay from now on. OK, he'll probably come out now and then - especially if any trick or treaters show up - we all know that's what the patio's for.

Today I lazed around the house. I've done a bit more clearing and sorting. Another bag of rubbish bites the dust. My legs felt OK so by rights I should have gone for a nice long run but I still had things swirling around and didn't feel like it - probably even more reason to have run but I didn't so there it is. Instead I fired up Frost Nixon and cycled along to the action. Well, the dialogue then, since there's not a whole lot of action to be had. Good film. How sensationalised it was from how it really played out I don't know but the acting of the 'apology' was cracking. And it gave me food for thought. I clocked up two hours of pedal pounding - and for once, in front of the film, it wasn't even mind numbing.

Sorry, this post's been a bit on the boring side

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