Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Poor Week By Any Standards

It's not been a great week training wise - too be fair, it's not been a great month. Been a fair year but my minds been off it the last couple of weeks and the comeback has slipped. I still feel I'm racing well and haven't lost too much. And my mind is now reconciled to the ways things are in the universe. The cosmic dust has settled and I am free.

Today the lunch run didn't happen - the curse of the Tender Document struck again - might sell the idea to Aardman Animations... Anyway, I'm WFH tomorrow so I hope to get out for a good run at lunch, through woodland and countryside.

My preparation for the 15 mile Exmoor Stagger has not been great - re the above. I've still done sod all hill work and with the race on Sunday I'm going to struggle on the climbs. Thinking about it, I'll probably struggle on the distance.. and possibly the descents, maybe even the flat... and the drive there and back, lunch, filling the car with petrol - which I hope I don't as it's a diesel. Right, I think that's covered everything.

Well, I've looked up my time from last year (2:20:03) so I have my marker. I should beat it despite the low training mileage but I fully expect to be hanging on at the and rely on my mental toughness - if I still have it - and if not, I rely on being mental. I shall give it a crack.

Tonight I shall knock one out on the bike - ooh er, and then, as I said, a pootle through the woods tomorrow. And looking forward, I shall bloody well get out and run some god damn hills.

Now is the start of the rest of my life...

Hell, I'm gonna kick some Minehead ass on Sunday...

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