Saturday, October 02, 2010

So Far So Good

So far today I've managed to wash the dishes, affect a repair to the shed roof - re-instigating its water resistance integrity and been for a run - and all before 4pm. Just the weekly shop to go and I'm done.

I'm still fair full of pure green but that didn't stop me getting out for a run nor for that matter, enjoying it. It's so nice to be out there running along woodland paths, tracks and shaded trails - even if it was a little soggy in places. Let's face it, that side of things is in for the winter and beyond...

Today's route was up through Hobbs Quarry (a site of special scientific interest) - passing it's ancient lime kiln on the way. Then across into Blaisdon Wood and finally a loop round Flaxley Wood. I was surprised to find the total ascent was just shy of 1,200 feet. I know I was blowing at points on the run but I didn't expect that - no body expects that, use the comfy cushions.

It was a good run. Maybe not the fastest but I managed to run the large hill in Flaxley - and it's been know to beat me on occasion.

Today's route;

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