Friday, October 15, 2010

On The Up

But only slowly. I'm beginning to feel better. I had some major report writing going down as I worked from home. Didn't get it finished but it did at least take my mind off other certain issues kicking around my head at the moment - and that helped. I will take each day at a time.

This evening I'm carb loading for tomorrow's 10 miler. I've not had the greatest couple of weeks training. I think I've slipped a few steps backwards since the Black Mountains race - but hopefully not too far. I go there to run strong and score good points in the Chepstow Championship.

I've got a couple of races planned over the next few weekends, including next weekends Exmoor Stagger - a fifteen miler, and I'm looking to beating last years time. Then it's the Winter Sugar Loaf although I'm not one hundred percent sure I'll run on account of who else might be there... I've also decided to go run the Calderdale Relay - or a leg of it - as I enjoyed it last year. I haven't run with the club much this year for obvious reasons and depending on how things go and how awkward things are, it may well be my last hooray in Calder Valley colours. All of which is making me sad again...

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