Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No More Moaning

It is time to pick myself up. Dust myself down and get on with living. No more whining. No more whinging. The last two years must be consigned to the past. It was the best of times while it lasted. Now to the future...

Tonight I mustered for an hour on the bike. Yesterday I was still too down to do pretty much anything. I even had to pull a half day. Tomorrow I'm down for a lunchtime run with Martin and Saturday is the Hogweed Muggle 10 miler. It's an off roader and should be better for me than the Chippenham Half - and that was my best score of the Chepstow Championship so far. It's another champs race and I need a few more points to move up the leader board. If I get a good one I can drop one of my lesser races. I'm gonna get myself fired up - the route even passes a couple of my water treatment works - whoo hoo!

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