Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Good...

But it's not right. It was Hogweeds Mimsey Muggle race today. A ten-ish mile multi terrain - right my alley. With championship points up for grabs I needed a good one. It didn't start off too well, at the first gate, two minutes in, I climbed the fence to the side due to congestion. I didn't so much 'climb' more 'fall over it' really, did a forward roll out and straight back up - didn't lose any time and those around me congratulated me on my style - yeh, that of a bloody idiot.

Anyway, after about ten minutes of running Matthew L and I were neck and neck, having a battle royal as we traded places multiple times around the course. Too be fair he's too far ahead in the champs for me to catch but that didn't stop me wanting to try and claim the scalp. Of late he's edged me so I was up for it.

I was strong on the flat. He was strong on the hills. As the finish was back up at the top, in Hawkesbury, it didn't look good for me. As the pattern of the race solidified I began to realise I was doomed, doomed I tells ya. Still, we had a bloody good tussle and he did, in fact, just edge it on the final climb. I was, at the finish, fair f*^ked, as I stood retching by the water station - means I put in full effort though - also means I'm just plain not fast enough as I still got beat - arse.

I feel I had a good run though, and the tussle with Matthew probably made us both work at full capacity. And it's the closest I've been to him of late, just 50m back as he crossed the line. I definitely need to start running some hill sessions - then I'll kick his sorry ass... (in a friendly, good natured way).

In the race, we finished 5th and 6th, with Chepstow Harriers packing 5 of the first 6 places. I'm pleased with that. My time of 1:18:56 isn't too bad on the 10.5 mile course with 1,600 feet of ascent. The organisation of the race went a bit wonky though, giving out the first three women's times as faster than the men at the prize giving! Oops, not sure there will be any official times or places as they seem to have screwed up majorly on that front.

As to the Chepstow Championship, by my estimate I don't think I've done enough to move up a place. I've improved my score but I think I'll still come up one measly point shy of moving up to 6th from 7th. Now if I'd beaten Matthew then I'd be sitting pretty in 6th equal. Oh well. Maybe I will have to go run the Elan Valley 10k. I wasn't planning to but Matthew's not running and I've a 90 pointer to drop potentially. So if I score another like today then I'll definitely claim sixth. Maybe I should do it...

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