Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On My Bike

Disappointed by having to miss yesterday's Bridge Inn I haven't really atoned today either. My calves are still in poor shape but I have at least mustered for an hour in front of an episode of Grand Designs I've not seen before on tv, while also blogging this - multi-task-tastic.

I am desperately hoping tomorrow's lunch run happens. It's arranged with Martin - and well done him for his 18:21 Bridge Inn pb - just need to hope work doesn't intervene to thwart us.

I've had a slightly down week so far and with the Sugar Loaf race coming up this Saturday my mood is unlikely to lift any time soon - on account of who else may be there with who else. I can't let that stop me running so I won't. It's also a Chepstow fell series race, anther good reason to face it head on and rise phoenix like - but to be fair I'm not sure I'll be hanging around long after I've finished.

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