Friday, October 22, 2010

Square Eyes And Lunch Run

Working from home enabled me to get out for a woodland run at lunch - I did get some good work done as well, honest. I made the most of the day. Up early and straight into it. The report is getting there - if a little slowly - there's just such a bloody lot of it, approaching 150 pages...

The lunch run was lovely. Didn't see another soul. The weather held and I ran surprisingly easy. The weird thing was my time for the run. I last ran the route a twelve month ago. Then I made it round in 52 minutes. Today it was just nice and easy. I ran the hills steady - I'd like to say comfortably but although I climbed slowly at no time could it be described as comfortable. My time though was eight minutes quicker! 44 minutes today - how the hell did that happen? I must be in so much better shape than last year and the odd thing is I still feel I'm nowhere near my best. I've loads more improvement still to make. I was quite shocked by my time - but in a good way.

Today's route was almost exactly 9km with 850 feet of ascent.

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