Sunday, October 03, 2010

Finally, It Stops Raining

But I've been too impatient to do something. I was up at eight and straight into washing the car - - in the rain! Well, it saved having to rinse it off - and saved water - just call me Enviro-Boy. Then breaky. Then Screwfix to get the lighting parts I needed to convert the wasteful MR16 low voltage lights in the Bathroom to the more common GU10 mains voltage type running low power LEDs. I know, water and 240 don't mix but if there's a problem the RCD will trip and save me - and unlike Lionel Richie, I don't actually do too much dancing on the ceiling to put myself at that much risk. The only slight flaw in my master plan is that I mistakenly bought some red LEDs the other week as spares for my other GU10 lights - so its now a red light district come sun down.

This is all getting far too technical, as I was saying at the start, I was too impatient to wait for a gap in the rain in which to go for a run and too be honest I didn't think there was going to be one, so I spent an hour on the bike instead. As for the rest of the day it's time to kick back and relax in what is the last hours of the weekend. No more chores. No more diy. No more exercise. It's time to relax...

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