Friday, October 29, 2010

The Rest Before The Storm

The drive home wasn't great. No explanation as to why the traffic was so nobber on the '5' but I took evasive manoeuvres in the the dark - 'cept it was actually still light - and steered myself down one of my secret alternative routes. As a knock on of being slightly delayed I decided to go the whole hog so I got the weekly shop out the way. Leaving the weekend clear.

It's always been my aim to have a rest day today - and so it came to pass, as written in the prophecy.

Tomorrow it's the 'Loaf' at 2pm and my legs, now fully recovered, should see me round the course. It's 46:51 to beat from last year. It would be amazing to get any where near my 2007 time of 43:43 - but let's face it, that would need a miracle...

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