Thursday, September 06, 2012

What A Bore

Every day, in every way, SAP annoys me more and more. It's so intuative to use - NOT. I think the company must have put a clause in the tender that the new system be as complicated and unintuative as possible. On that front, they scored ten out of ten. Moving on...

Managed a short run after work but more of a pootle than anything special. Just needed to clear my head really. Job done and now the feet are firmly in the up position.

On the bike front I've been look at commuting routes. At the moment I'm thinking of parking up at one of our sites, north Bristol, and riding in from there. The commute could be around 17 miles - which is probably too much for a total novice. Eventually I want to stay on the Welsh side of the river but that's something for another year! I think I'll need to train up for a few weeks first - or months, depending on how rubbish I am (and I'm suspecting I'll to be very rubbish) - before I attempt the commute. I could save myself a few quid each week. The cost of the eventually purchased bike could almost be recouped by the time I retire...

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