Monday, September 24, 2012

Lovely Weather

To be fair it doesn't look too bad this evening but heck was it ever terrible this morning. The drive to work was a bit iffy once I got into the Bristol area. There was flooding a plenty all over the roads. I got there in one piece though.

Anyway, I'm taking a rest from training tonight. Not even mustering for a bike session. My legs feel a bit fatigued, as do I in general really. My new philosphy is to take the rest as it comes and not fret that I've missed training. I think it's working. Going to put it to the test tomorrow with the first of the Winter Pomphrey Hill 5ks. I have absolutely no expectation. I'm guessing it is going to be very slow but then again I can't expect anything more than that. I've not run more than a couple of speed sessions over the last few of years - you don't train fast you can't expect to run fast. I'm going to try and improve the situation but mainly by racing some shorter races - even, dare I say it, a few more on the road! I might even need to get myself a new pair of road shoes - I'm thinking about taking my current pair to the antiques road show...

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