Friday, September 07, 2012

To Stretton Skyline or Not Stretton Skyline...

That is the question but what is the answer?

With the Peris Horseshoe next weekend it is probably a little silly to entertain the thought for even a moment... but... you know me... If sense does become me then I will run the Woodchester Park race instead. Stretton does call to me though. Last weeks Long 'O' was practically a recce of it or bits of it at least. It's almost like I'm fated to go run it. Being only eight kilometres longer than last weeks run I should be able to cope and recover for the Peris. I'm not going to commit just yet. I'll the door open and see how I feel on Sunday morning.

Tonight I put in a bike session because I want to try and have a go at the Park run tomorrow. I'm thinking I might get a nasty shock. A PW?...

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