Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back Home

It's been a long couple of days. My brain aches just a little bit and I'm glad to be back home. I can see work is about to crank up a notch - again. Haven't managed much training so I really need to get out tomorrow.

Looking forward I can see I need a plan in order to manage my training. Taking it one day at a time ain't going to cut it. My exercise bike is hanging. I have just about destroyed it. It clanks and whirrs in ways it shouldn't and I have decided that I should replace it with a real bike and a turbo trainer. Then I can get the benefit of an indoor workout for those days when I can't be arsed and a proper ride on the days when I can. Hopefully I will also be able to factor in a partial commute a few times a month - by that I mean drive to Chepstow and ride the rest of the way. The biggest problem I can foresee is just what the hell to buy????? I don't want to spend a fortune but equally I don't want something sh!t that weighs half a tonne. From surfing the net it looks like I need to learn a whole new bloody language in order to work out what to get! There are so many terms. So many different types of the same component. A minefield I tells yer. Then, of course, there's the risk of buying something that 'real' cyclists pooh pooh. Operation learning curve is commencing...

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