Saturday, September 08, 2012

Out The Way Early

Well that's today's training done. Another twenty one minute Park Run. I've run it four times and on three occasions ran bang on twenty one minutes - although today's might possibly be rounded up by a second. I might be slow but at least I'm consistent with it!

I'm actually quite happy with the time. I thought I would be slower. The one thing it does emphasise is the fact that if I want to speed up there's no option but to do some training! The thing is though, I enjoy racing but I don't really care about the times any more. For me it's about enjoying the heat of battle not whether I win or lose. That said, I really think I should try and factor in some proper training for the sake of my dignity. Twenty one minutes for 5k, albeit a twisty, boggy 5k, is diabolical when you consider a few years back I could nudge close to eighteen. I know I'm a little older but come on, it's disgraceful.

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