Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Bit More

Back home now after a decent drive. God am I ever tired. Still buzzing. I was eleven minutes slower this year! - but then we did run the full route this time.

The first half was pretty standard. I set off dead last and stayed there as we wound up through the quarry. Then into the top part of the quarry I felt confident enough to start moving through the field all the while keeping myself in check. Conditions were good if almost too hot. Elidir Fawr was text book followed by a good run to Y Garn and then down and up Glyder Fawr. My run off Glyder was a little wayward. The top half was fine but I faffed a little towards the bottom. Ending up in the bog to above the knees. Pulling my feet clear I tramped on down to Pen-y-pass.

I ran pretty steady on the miners track before turning to the energy sapping climb to Lliwedd. The cloud closed in and the ridge run towards Snowdon was 'fun'. Having never recced that part of the route I relied on my instincts. I had a vision of the map in my mind and although I don't think I was any where near optimum I don't think I was too far from the right route. With the west peak of Lliwedd collected I headed down and then back up towards Snowdon. The ascent from Lliwedd was a total sod. So step. It sapped the last of my strength and upon finally reaching the summit I was pretty knackered.

Mostly down hill from there I tried to keep it together. I came a right pearler on the tourist track trying to dodge through the hoards but didn't do any damage and spun back onto my feet in one fluid motion. Finally onto the rangers path it was all pretty straightforward from there. Although I find the rangers damn hard on the feet. I had a good battle with a guy from Todmorden but he got the better of my on the final climb and got too far ahead. I gave chase but he managed to keep ahead into the finish.

All in all a good day. I reckon I will sleep soundly tonight...

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