Friday, September 14, 2012

Wagons Ho

Well that's me packed. Not that there was a lot of packing to do. More checking I've the right selection of kit and all the required items. Don't want to be finding out I've left my whistle behind and with the forecast holding things are looking good. I'm  all set to rock and roll. Going to roll out somewhere around half past five.

I was tempted by a ride on the bike this morning but then I decided not to be stupid. Don't want to go knackering my legs before the big day. Instead I decided to swap out the rear cassette and install the Ultegra 11-28. I'm now set for easier hill climbing. After that I gave the bike a very quick spin just to check I hadn't mucked up the gear changes. I hadn't so it's all good.

Nothing left to do now but await the anointed hour for take off...

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