Monday, September 10, 2012

First Principle Fajitas...

My on/off holiday from work ended up being on. Suffice to say I never made it in. My car was into the garage for new brake pads so I was taking Vera out for a spin. First up came the traffic jam of doom on the approach to Gloucester - and this one really was a car park. Not a thing was moving. Turning to my Android for the cause, it was apparently the recovery of a broken down bus causing the chaos - bloody public transport. I decided to turn tail and country lane it around. From there things went from late to not making it in at all as Vera's clutch stuck during a gear change. Half an hour later the nice AA man told me it was f*(&ed - the clutch, not Vera although she's now in my bad books, the moody cow. Anyway, the AA man gave me a tow back to the garage. The owner couldn't believe his luck. I'm single-handedly keeping him in business...

Now to the running, my legs are definitely feeling the strain of two races in two days. I am buoyed by my performances. Mediocre against my old standards but I feel fully ready to take on the challenge that is the Peris Horseshoe on Saturday. To give the legs a chance to recover I pedalled my way to an easy hour on the ever more loudly clanking exercise bike.

And to top off the day I've been de-stressing with a bit of baking. There's a tasty herb loaf in the oven as we speak. Then, still in the mood, I made myself some whole wheat tortillas to go with the fiery veggie fajitas I had in mind. A couple of the tortillas were slightly over-crisped but I got the technique sorted by the end. As to the fajitas, they were from first principles as well. I knocked up a spicy marinade, threw in some home grown tomatoes, chillies and garlic - although the garlic wasn't homegrown by me - a few other bits and bobs. Job done. They were gert lush.

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