Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Is Feeling A Little Tired...

Or more accurately put, my legs are f*£&ed. Anyway, me be slightly off my trolley, I decided to continue with the plan regardless. So it was over to St Arvans to race the multi-terrain 10 - although 'race' is nor really the appropriate word in this case. My legs felt sore and my heels painful from all the rough terrain yesterday. I was able to walk though, so that was a bonus.

It was a good turn out - stop it - and I set off near the rear hoping to overtake a few along the way. I'll not lie I found it tough going and I got a few disbelieving looks from some of the marshals that know me, wondering why the hell I was so far back in the field.

It was an enjoyable route with around 800 feet of ascent although there is a fraction too much road in it for me. As always, it was well marshalled by the Chepstow massive. And the finishers cake and coffee was a welcome tonic at the end but I'm jumping ahead.

After the first couple of miles my legs stopped hurting - or rather, I could no longer feel the pain. Steadily I moved through the field to somewhere near the middle and interestingly - in a boring sort of way - I gained most on the ascent despite having no leg power what so ever and it feeling so interminably slow going.

Into the final two miles I just wanted the end to come. I wanted the torture (self inflicted) to end and after a few more ticks of the clock it was over in a record breakingly slow time of 1 hour , 18 minutes and 43 seconds. Not unexpected and at least I have an excuse.

Back home now, my legs have almost completely seized. Hopefully, they will free up a little in order to afford me a bit of a cycle tomorrow. I need to take a look on Strava to find me a route somewhere in the forest. All in all it's been a good weekend of training. Another rung up the ladder.

The route of today's St Arvans MT 10 (mile) race;

The route of yesterday's Peris Horseshoe race;
The 17.5 miles of the Peris Horseshoe Race with it's 8,500 feet of ascent...

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