Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Generator Primed...

Yep, that was pretty much the highlight of tonight's Bridge Inn - scratch that - Pomphrey Hill Something 5k race. Really must find out the proper name of the renamed race. Setting up the generator and the start/finish light really was the highlight. That pretty much says it all. Oh, and I suppose the fact that forecast hurricane didn't materialise was right up there.

As to my run tonight? Shameful comes close. I knew I'd be slow but my performance was nothing short of terrible. Can't even bring myself to post the time. The only way from here is up.

I set out in the middle order at a steady pace. First kilometre felt OK, overtaking several people. Number two felt pretty good too but it was slow. Still picked up a few more places. Three was even slower. I had nothing. I had the pedal down but there was nothing there. I pretty much lost all hope at that point but I still pushed to gain places. Four was no better. Five was maybe just a little better but I won't be writing home about it. I crossed the line is a very disappointing time of - nope, still not saying.

In defense of the indefensible the course has been re-measured and is now about 40m longer. Now in my book that's worth at least 90 seconds... What? You got to give me credit for trying.

I will come back from this. This is going to be as poor as it gets - and you can take that to the bank.

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