Friday, September 21, 2012

Listening To The Old Creaker

My legs feel a bit achy today so I decided to ease back on the plan and take in a gentle, local jog instead. I still need to get over to the Black Mountains though to retry my (not so) secret route to Crug Mawr before the big day and time is running out... Looks like Sunday's the day.

Planning to 'run' the Standish Woods orienteering tomorrow. I'll be opting for the 'long hard' blue route, as stated on the NGOC website - now that just sounds plain wrong. Being a woodland course I will no doubt struggle more than usual with the map symbols. Looking forward to wading through the shrubbery though.

Oh, and while I think about it, the official Peris Horseshoe results are out and I improved a place to 21st, but I prefer to claim the 14th place in the old timers category. Well, there's no point being over forty and not using it to your best advantage is there? One can't be expected to compete against some young whipper snapper 39 year old, can one?

Well, it's almost time to go. The lure of the slow cooked veggie chilli black bean stew is drawing me in. As too, is the freshly baked rustic sunflower seed loaf, hot out of the oven...

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